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ATX, Boules de compétition OBUT

“The Rolls Royce of boules”
  • Appearance: Grey finish
  • Steel type: Special stainless steel
  • Hardness: Semi-soft

Number of boules in packaging: 3 - Price: HK$ 3200
  • Really top quality boules for the very best pétanque and jeu provençal players.
  • They will find in them a highly technical itemof equipment enabling them to accentuate the effects of their personal class.
  • They are used by the most famous players both in France and in other countries.
  • Specific qualities:
    • Low bounce level made possible by the specific elastic limit of the steel,
    • Low level of marking from shocks on the surface of the boule,
    • Solidity (the steel used does not have any fragile areas throughout its hardness layer),
    • Resistance to corrosion.
  • Tournament-Authorized label

Nexius, Boules de compétition OBUT

"The best anti-rebound stainless steel"
  • Appearance: Bronze finish on soft shot-peening
  • Steel type: High-tech stainless steel
  • Hardness: Hard+

Number of  boules in packaging: 3 - Price: HK$ 2900
  • Super top quality boule, with the best anti-rebound stainless steel.
  • The high-tech stainless steel used and the manufacturing process gives this boule an incomparable ability to absorb impacts.
  • A very advantageous boule for “shooting on the iron” direct hit lobbed stun shots or for players who lob their boule high when pointing.
  • The first stainless steel to benefit from OBUT's hardness + techology: the hardness of a traditional semi-soft boule with behaviour superior to that of a very very soft boule.
  • The soft feel of stainless steel combined with the shot-peened bronze finish give the boule excellent grip in the hand.
  • Tournament-Authorized label