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Bi-pôle, Boules de compétition OBUT

“Stripe eliminates shock waves”

  • Appearance: Satin finish on chrome
  • Steel type: Carbon alloy steel
  • Hardness: Hardness +

Number of boules in packaging: 3 - Price: HK$ 1800
  • Obut has developed a new striation process creating grooves of a graduated depth (0 to 8/10th mm), carefully positioned to preserve the renowned balancing properties of Obut competition boules.
  • This innovation, coupled with the use of steel of a high internal resilience and a tempering process unique in the world to reduce the effect of interior resonance, provides the Bi-pôle® with:
    • a remarkable shock absorption capacity, notably on very hard ground when performing
    • a backspun throw (or "high lob")
    • minimum recoil when "shooting on the iron"
  • Manufactured in a steel alloyed with carbon, the Bi-pôle® presents a + degree of hardness: in other words the hardness of a traditional semi-soft with the behaviour of a super-soft.
  • While giving the player the impression of a smooth boule, the three types of striations permit greater visibility of the intended effect and make the boule readily identifiable on the terrain
  • Tournament-Authorized Label