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Jacks and game accessories

Complete petanque kit Magnet for magnetic ball / pick-up stick Net with 25 coloured jacks
"All the accessories required for a game of pétanque" “Extremely strong - to be used as often as possible" "Never run out of jacks again!"
  • 3 x jacks (yellow, green and red)
  • 1 x 2-meter tape measure with illustration of the famous "Fanny"
  • 1 x shammy leather.

  • Very handy magnet on a string
  • Metal ring
  • Fits easily into your pocket
  • Just what you need for making your opponents jealous
  • Article sold in blister pack
  • Lacquered beech
  • Diameter 30 mm
  • Bright colours (blue, green, orange, red, yellow and white)
Price: HK$ 100 Price: HK$ 140 Price: HK$ 250