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Piano bar with Yuko Arai on Friday 25th March 2011 (8pm to 10pm)

posted Mar 17, 2011, 8:56 PM by Eric Masson
Piano bar and live music with Yuko Arai on Friday 25th March 2011 (8pm to 10pm) at Les Boules Cafe Petanque.
Free entrance....
Yuko Arai started classical piano lessons at age three, performing publicly for the first time when she was four years old. After moving to San Diego, Yuko started exploring the world of jazz. She subsequently moved to Paris where she studied jazz at Conservatoire de Paris and at the Bill Evans Piano Academy, performing publicly with her own trio (trumpet, bass and piano) at various venues around Paris. After years in Paris, she moved to Bangkok, Thailand where she formed a jazz trio that included alto saxophone, bass and piano. Her play could be heard at various venues. Yuko considers herself a “resident of the world” and has continuedstudying with professional musicians wherever she is located. 

With many years under her belt, Yuko moved to Shanghai, China where she was immediately sought after to play at 5-star hotels like the Ritz-Carlton or Hilton Shanghai. She also performed at dedicated jazz venues like the JZ Club and the Cotton Club. For six years in Shanghai, Yuko has enjoyed playing with numerous other musicians who have different styles. Before she left Shanghai, she managed to record her own CD that not only has jazz influences but also crosses over into non-jazz field.

Yuko is now currently residing in Hong Kong where she can be seen at various venues.
Best regards, Yuko and Eric.
Eric Masson,
Mar 17, 2011, 9:06 PM