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Cafe Philo (in French): QUELLE EST LA PLACE DE LA MUSIQUE DANS NOS SOCIETES MODERNES? on Wednesday 11st April 2012 from 7.30pm at Les Boules Cafe Petanque.

posted Mar 28, 2012, 10:54 PM by Eric Masson
Cafe Philo (in French): QUELLE EST LA PLACE DE LA MUSIQUE DANS NOS SOCIETES MODERNES? on Wednesday 11st April 2012 from 7.30pm at Les Boules Cafe Petanque.

Quel est son impact sur nos interactions avec le monde extérieur et notre monde intérieur? [What is the place of music in our modern societies? What is its impact on our interactions with the outside world but also our inner world?]

*Introducer:* Marie-Laure Muller

*Moderator:* Jean-Michel Garcia

Marie-Laure Muller est une pianiste professionnelle (cf biographie ci-dessous) qui se propose de nous faire rentrer dans son univers de la musique.

- Qu’est ce que la Musique ?

- Pourquoi la musique nous fait vibrer ? Quelle est la connexion entre musique et émotion?

- Peut-on considéré la musique comme un langage ou outil de communication? Si oui pour transmettre quoi ?

- Quel est son impact sur notre interaction avec le monde extérieur et notre monde intérieur?

- La musique est elle un Art ? Quel est sa relation avec le « beau » et le « bon » ?

- Quelle est la place de la musique dans la société moderne?

- La musique est-elle « utile » ? « universelle » ?

- Le travail de l’artiste est-il « considéré »? selon quels aspects?

- Quel genre de musique, de musiciens sont "reconnus"? quels sont les critères de cette "reconnaissance"?

Voici quelques pistes du monde musical ou nous allons probablement cheminer au cours de cette soirée discussion de la branche française du Hong Kong Philosophy Café.

At thirteen years old, only after three years of studying piano at the Strasbourg Conservatory of Music in France, Marie-Laure Muller graduated with the highest honors. When she was fourteen years old, she played Mozart’s Piano Concerto in d minor, KV 466 under the conductor Louis Martin in Strasbourg, her native city in Alsace. At sixteen, she was interpreting Maurice Ravel at the "Franz-Lizst Hochschule" in Weimar, Germany. She studied in Paris with Yvonne Loriod-Messiaen and Aldo Ciccolini. She then studied at the Geneva Conservatory of Music (Switzerland) with Louis Hiltbrand, where she received in 1974 the "Diplome Professionel d’Enseignement" in piano and accompaniment; in 1977 she engaged in further studies at the Guildhall School of Music in London in the field of accompaniment for singers with Gordon Back and private teaching with Geoffrey Parsons. In 1978, she obtained her Diploma for piano, chamber music and accompaniment at the Ecole Normale Superieure de Musique Alfred Cortot in Paris. In 1981 Marie-Laure Muller was invited by Menahem Presser (pianist of the "Beaux-Arts Trio of New York) to study at the University of Bloomington in Indiana (USA). In 1985, she completed her Masters of Music at the Manhattan School of Music, New York, with Seymour Lipkin and Gary Graffman.

As a composer she is a member of the Composers Concordance Association in New York. Her compositions are mostly for piano: Prelude Solitude (1984), Improvisation I (1990), Improvisation II (1993), Equisse meditative (2004), Impressions (2005) and Fantaisie (2006).  

Marie-Laure Muller has recorded for Radio France, Radio Canada, Deutschland Radio, Television FR 3 Alsace as well as CDs by "Marus Schallplatten" in Berlin and Forum Music in Taipei (Taiwan). She has played concerts for numerous festivals and concert halls in France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Greece Spain, Brazil, Canada and the USA. She has regularly played at the Berlin Philharmonie Hall (Kammermusikisaal der Berliner Philharmonie). Since 1997, she has been playing concerts and gives master classes regularly in many universities in Taiwan. Marie-laure Muller is actually living in Hong Kong.

Eric Masson,
Mar 28, 2012, 10:54 PM